Hints and Tips on applying for a job

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“Please demonstrate how you meet the Person Checklist / Employee Specification on the attached Job Profile / Job Description.”

Where you are asked to do this, it is important that you are able demonstrate how you meet each criteria set out on the document. You can format this however you wish, but it is important that the recruiting manager is able to understand your suitability based on the evidence you give. You can use examples from previous jobs, volunteering, study or your personal life.

Shortlisting Questions

You may be asked to answer shortlisting questions specific to a certain role in an application. Again, it is important that you answer these fully, giving examples of your experience. Please read the questions carefully and consider your answers

If the advert refers you to any other websites with further information about the role it is important to read this before submitting an application.

The recruiting manager will receive your application in a 'nameblind' format (this means they cannot see any identifying information relating to you, including name, age, sex etc.) during the shortlisting process - so remember to use this opportunity to make yourself standout.

Council Behaviours and Expectations

Our Council behaviours and expectations also set out what we expect from all of our employees and can be a great place to get a sense of what we are looking for in an applicant. 

How to structure your response

When structuring your answers, examples are key. One of the easiest ways to structure these is using the STAR technique.

  • Situation – what was the situation or problem that arose?
  • Task or Target – what did you need/want to achieve?
  • Action – what did you do/what action did you take?
  • Result – what was the result of the action you took?

If you are not currently in work and need help applying for jobs please contact Works Better for support and advice. 

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