Complaints Procedures

Internal Applicants

If existing employees have any concerns over a recruitment exercise they have recently undertaken – please refer to the Council’s Dispute Resolution policy.

External Applicants

The Council has both a desire and statutory duty to ensure that employees are appointed solely on merit and that all processes and procedures are fair, transparent and accommodate individual needs by way of reasonable adjustments where these are required. If you apply for a job with the Council and you consider that at either the short-listing or interview stage you have not been treated fairly or you do not understand the recruitment decisions, you may take the following steps:-

  1. Contact either the Chair of the recruitment panel or the Chair of the Schools Governing Body and request feedback on why you have not been successful at either short-listing or interview.
  2. If you are not satisfied with the feedback provided, please email  or, telephone 01484 221000. You need to set out reasons why you think you may have been treated unfairly.  (This needs to be set out clearly – something more substantial than you simply do not agree with the recruitment decision making).  Any concerns need to be made within ten working days of hearing the recruitment outcome that generated the concerns or complaint.
  3. Upon receipt of such a complaint, the HR Service will make arrangements to have your concerns looked into and you will receive a response, normally within ten working days.  Depending on the nature of the response you may be offered a meeting to explain matters, but more usually it will be possible to do this in writing.  If the circumstances are such that it will take longer to look into the matters you have raised, you will be communicated with over the likely timescale.
  4. In terms of the Council’s own procedures, any decision by the Head of People Services is final, however, this does not prevent applicants pursuing any statutory rights they may have through an Employment Tribunal.

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