Corporate Governance & Audit Committee Co-optee (Ex-officio)

Kirklees Council
Approximately 40 hours per year.
Across Kirklees
One year, then by two further increments of 1 year.
£1,000 per annum

What is a Co-optee?

Corporate Governance & Audit Committee is an essential part of the Council's governance to ensure that its decision-making, administrative and compliance processes are transparent, accountable, and open.

Whilst Members of the Committee bring democratic accountability and have a range of skills and knowledge, the intention is that a co-optee will be able to bring different skills and perspective.

We are looking for a Co-optee with an interest in how Kirklees Council and its partners operate to meet the needs of Kirklees residents.

Skills and Knowledge

We are looking for a Co-optee who has specific knowledge in relating to financial management, accounting, and governance. You may be (or have been) a member of a professional accounting body, have an academic finance qualification or have held a senior management post with responsibilities for finance in a large organisation.

 You will also need to have;

  • Effective communication - particularly listening and questioning- skills.
  • The ability to weigh up information to reach conclusions and recommend actions.
  • An interest in Kirklees matters

For a full list of the role requirements please see the attached Role Profile.

Can anyone apply to be a Co-optee?

We want to encourage people from a wide range of backgrounds and experience to be a Co-optee, however;

  • You must be 18 years old or over.
  • You must not be a current or recent employee (within the last 5 years) or Member of Kirklees Council.
  • You must not have a current outstanding complaint against the Council.
  • In the past 5 years, you must not have been offered advice from anyone from the Council concerning your conduct or contact with the Council.

Although you do not have to live in Kirklees, you will need to demonstrate a reason why you want to be a co-optee on the Committee.

If you have any questions about the role, please contact the Martin Dearnley (Head of Risk), on 01484 221000 ext 73672 or email 

03 March 2023, 11:55 PM